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Every Business Needs a Good Website Design

With the onset of a new digital era, your physical presence is no longer enough. Even after office hours, a website provides accessibility around the clock. In fact, you can even conduct your business entirely online with good website development. So… what constitutes a professional website? There are many elements to producing a good web design. Firstly, in order to capture attention, your website needs to have an attractive web page design. Next, the content must be of high quality as well. Most importantly, you need to adopt Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in order to garner more clicks for your website. Your website should be suitable for all platforms; it should be designed for optimal mobile viewing and for all web browsers. These are exactly what we deliver at VIVOHUB website development and web design company. Here, our Singapore website design and web development team of professionals provides WordPress Web Design Service to help businesses like yours reach out to a wider audience online. Engage our Website Design Development Services Package today!

Easy Process

6 Steps Towards Your Brand New Website

1. Consultation

Today’s web design goes beyond choosing the right color palette and imagery, it has become a creation of perfect aesthetics coupled with a pleasant user experience. This is so as the attention spans of internet users are getting shorter – we need more exciting elements with a fast response time to keep your audience. Therefore, the first step is to book a consultation with the VIVOHUB web development company, where we provide professional website development advice to creating your ideal business website using WordPress.

2. Quotation

After understanding your business needs for your website, we will send a favorable quotation to you. Your quotation will only comprise of essentials you need for your WordPress website with no additional charges. This is so as we want to provide the most affordable web design package to all our clients while at the same time, meet all of your requirements. Upon mutual agreement, you will endorse and send a payment made to “VIVOHUB”

3. Planning

Now, it’s down to the details. As we know that you want your business website to be up as soon as possible. You will get to see a detailed plan of your website development while communicating your expectations efficiently with our web design company. We believe that by engaging our clients in all parts of the planning progress, even the minute details, will tailor an ideal website just for you.

4. Design

After careful planning through two-way communication, it is time to get to work. During our discussion, our web designer will ensure that our web developer understands your website needs, to create the best website design you want. Our website designer will start designing the website according to prior planning and make the necessary modifications along the way should you require any. The design by our web development professionals will be up to your expectations or perhaps, even exceed your expectations.

5. Coding

While building a new WordPress website, coding is essential for the backend of your website. Next, our web developer will conduct website testing to ensure that everything is functional. Our website designer will also do debugging where we try to find any problems in your website, should there be any way, before correcting it. In the last phase of our testing process, we will run a user acceptance test to ensure that your website can handle required tasks in the real world.

6. Public

Finally, the long-awaited part of this process – Your website is finally ready! Its modern aesthetics web page design accompanied by a smooth user experience will surely create a pleasant first impression that compels your potential customers to stay on your site longer. After which, our website development professionals will go on to ensure that your site remains highly competitive among websites of similar categories. Definitely, this will drive more traffic to your website, creating more business leads for you.

Professional Website Development

The website is designed via WordPress which will be Mobile Responsive, with up to 7 Pages Setup and a Contact Form Setup for your potential customers to contact you. Our web designer provides recommended best website design that is SEO friendly. Our experiences and implementation are real-life experiences on our website as compared to a freelance web developer.

Website Design Development StartUp Package

WordPress Web Development

One Time Charge

SGD $688

Includes: Up to 1 pages, 10 GB Shared Hosting Server, SSL Certificate, Website Security Protection & many more.
Data Transfer
Security Protection
SSL Certificate
Domain Name
Email Addresses
Logo/Graphic Design
1 Graphic/Banner Design
3 Months Website Support
Google Search
Google Analytics Setup
Google reCAPTCHA
Our Website Development Package Consist of:
One-year 10GB Shared Hosting Server Worth $400
One-year Website Security Protection Services Worth $300
Uptime Monitor/30 Days Daily Back-up/Malware Monitor/Update Theme & Plugins Version
One-year Basic SSL Certificate Setup Enabling HTTPS for Your Website Worth $35
One-year .Com Domain Name Worth $16.60
Support POP3 / IMAP / SMTP & Webmail
with 2 Revision Worth $200
with 1 Revision Worth $100
Change Request Upon Web Development Start
Text Editing/Images Editing/Layout Editing/Hyperlink Editing & Fix Error
Console/Webmaster Tools Setup Worth $200
Worth $200
Anti-Spambot Captcha Code & Brute Force for Admin Login Worth $200

Hosting Server – Renewal $500/year


Order Your Website Design Development StartUp Package Today!

SGD $688

VIVOHUB will ensure that we will meet your expectations, or even exceed your expectations with our professional team of WordPress Web Design and Digital Marketing Experts.

For more information about creating your website withVIVOHUB visit our website or contact us today to get started.

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