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We Provide Website Maintenance Services for Your Digital Marketing Needs

All businesses that want to keep an online presence and succeed in digital marketing should have a good, well-maintained website. Maintaining a website is as crucial as actually building it. This is because there are regular updates on the tools and technologies and you need to be aware to keep up with the competition. Likewise, any sort of limitations on your website like slow loading speed will decrease conversion rates and hence your customer base. Businesses need to understand that a poorly managed online presence will be a major issue in the long run.

Luckily, web maintenance services are very easy to find. There are a number of companies offering different types of website maintenance packages at different costs. As a business owner, you would want the best maintenance plan at lower costs.

If you do not have time to maintain or manage your website, VIVOHUB can assist you in doing so. We provide web maintenance services in Singapore at an affordable rate that can cater to all your needs.

Read on more to find out about our WordPress maintenance plans, average monthly website maintenance fees and what website maintenance includes.

Why Do You Need Website Maintenance Services?


Security is without a doubt the most important aspect of your business website. If you are an e-commerce or some other business with critical customer details, only one breach is enough to destroy your entire business. New threats pop up every day and without proper website maintenance, you will not be able to resist them. The maintenance team will update security features regularly so that it is always well-equipped to fight against any threats.

Visitor Experience

The visitor experience is the primary method of communicating to online viewers through your website. If your website loads slowly and takes a longer time to respond, you will certainly lose viewers to your competitors. New technologies and updates are being set up every day to provide the best visitor experience. Without a proper maintenance plan, you will not be able to take advantage of such advancing technologies.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like Google and Bing rate your website based on its architecture and inside content. Without a proper ranking, your website will mostly never reach online viewers. A proper maintenance strategy will align your website performance and content with the best metrics that search engines will assess while ranking.

How to Select Website Maintenance Packages?

When selecting a website maintenance services company, there is not the best fit that works for everyone.

In the market, there is a wide range of top website maintenance services that different companies can provide which can be a hassle to choose from.

However, the following are the most common features that you should look for a website maintenance package.

Website Maintenance Costs

The very first thing you would look for in a maintenance plan is its costs. You need to make sure the investment is worth every penny. Likewise, you must understand that the average monthly website maintenance fees also depend on the size, complexity, and functionality of your website. Furthermore, you must also keep in mind the extra money that you might have to pay for additional services such as website design and management services do vary accordingly. Look around for a number of developers and compare their average prices before you make the decision.

According to your needs and requirements, your service providers will provide the WordPress maintenance plans that are best suitable for your website.

Website Maintenance Requirements

While selecting a WordPress maintenance package for your website, be sure of your requirements. If you have an IT person in your proximity, you can discuss your requirements before you hire a developer.

You would also like to understand more about what website maintenance include and what are the web design and maintenance cost before you make your decision. It is always helpful to keep the following things in mind.

Be sure of all the tasks that you can and cannot do. You do not want to waste your money and resources on easy tasks that can be done by yourself.
If you have a team for content updates (text, images, files), you need not seek assistance from the website maintenance company.

It is best if you leave advanced tasks such as daily backups, layout or appearance and speed optimization to the maintenance provider. Likewise, leave the tasks of security updates such as themes and plugins to the service provider so that you can have peace of mind.

Why Do You Need Website Maintenance Services?



Per Year, Up to 4 Hours

4 hours of web pages contents, layout and images updates

Fix any error for your WordPress website

WordPress Backup 30 days retention in Cloud

Monthly WordPress version and plugins update

Website Security Protection Services worth S$300/yr

Suitable for Basic WordPress Site



Per Year, Up to 10 Hours

10 hours of web pages contents, layout, images updates

Fix any error for your WordPress website

WordPress Backup 60 days retention in Cloud

Monthly WordPress version and plugins update

Website Security Protection Services worth S$300/yr

Website HTTPS DV SSL Certificate worth S$35/yr

Bonus Increase Website Speed Load Cache Plugin worth S$66/yr

Suitable for Standard WordPress Site



Per Year, Up to 20 Hours

20 hours of web pages contents, layout, images updates

Fix any error for your WordPress website

WordPress Backup 90 days retention in Cloud

Monthly WordPress version and plugins update

Website Security Protection Services worth S$300/yr

Monthly WordPress version and plugins update

Website Security Protection Services worth S$300/yr

WP Activity Log Business License Plugin worth S$200/yr

Website HTTPS DV SSL Certificate worth S$35/yr

Increase Website Speed Load Cache Plugin worth S$66/yr

Suitable for Advance WordPress Site or Woocommerce Site

What We Offer

After you are done listing your requirements, look for the best service provider that can serve your expectations. We, as a service provider also provide custom website maintenance which can come at a slightly greater price. The basic services offered in our WordPress maintenance plans include:

Fixing Broken Links

This is one of the most important tasks during ongoing website maintenance. Broken links will present a negative image of your business to your viewers.

Fixing Errors

Fixing errors is the first right thing you should do immediately after finding them. This is a question of whether you want to keep or lose your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO optimization is one of the most crucial tasks for a modern online business. There is a wide range of factors on the basis of which the search engines rank your website in search results. These include website load speed, response times, user experience, and the quality of content.

User Experience

Most of the service plans offered by maintenance companies include updates and improvements in user experience. Since this is the point of connection between your product or services and the user, this is a crucial part of the maintenance process. We provide high-quality updates and improvements in user experience by making use of the latest trends and technologies. This can be the addition or removal or modification of content, themes, and web pages.

Security Monitoring

Security-critical sites like E-commerce should always be prepared against breaches and malware infections. This is why regular security monitoring is a must-have. Likewise, you must maintain regular backups of your highly secure components. If there are new security patches and updates, you must install them.

Other important services

include database optimization, analytics, website reviews, theme updates, uptime monitoring, and upgrades in hosting plans. Furthermore, we will send you weekly reports about your website performance so that you have a clear view of your progress.

Why Choose VIVOHUB?

We understand that while selecting a web maintenance service, there is no straight answer that can address all your requirements. The cost and services for WordPress maintenance vary accordingly to different requirements of individual clients and the list of services different service providers can offer. Some of the service providers have standard packages and charge on the basis of hours per month. Some offer continuous support and charge a monthly fee with or without annual billing.

VIVOHUB provides state-of-the-art website maintenance services, website design and management services so that your website operates at its full potential on a regular basis. Our specially designed care plan will help you reap maximum benefits to reach your long term goals. We have a dedicated team of developers who have unmatched experience in this industry.

Even though our WordPress maintenance services are world-class, they are still very affordable. Our web design and maintenance costs are priced reasonably and friendly to cater to all your needs. If you are a new business owner who incorporate company where you already own a website, we will carry out all the necessary steps so that your website is a success. If you have not got a website yet and is looking for one, you can check out our website development packages and make us your business partner and we will help you save hundreds of dollars every month.

With our WordPress maintenance plans, VIVOHUB will help you to achieve success for your website so that you can achieve your goals in the long run.

In summary below, our WordPress maintenance cost is very affordable, we break it down into monthly expenses for you that the cost we are charging is equivalent to a WordPress premium plugins that you would have to pay monthly or yearly for the best performance on your website.

Contact us today to learn more about our Website Maintenance packages!

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